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Lonely Planet

The Kenai Peninsula offers some of the most accessible wilderness adventures in Alaska. There are multiday hikes through the snow-capped Kenai Mountains and mind-blowing paddles through glaciated fjords. You'll camp on never-seen-before lost coves in remote corners of Kenai Fjords National Park and Kachemak Bay State Park, and battle some of the biggest fish around. And in every forgotten corner you'll be close to the natural world, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers and the people that make Alaskawild.

Approximately the size of Belgium, the eastern Peninsula is dominated by large ice fields, the jutting Kenai Mountains and the icy waters of Resurrection Bay. To the west it flattens out, with rolling hills, large lakes and a long coastline.

This is a top pick for first-time Alaska explorers. The wilderness is accessible by a good network of trails and navigable rivers, and there are several worthwhile towns, such as Seward, Hope and Homer that provide interesting cultural attractions and rip-roaring nightlife.

Fodor's Travel

Few places in the United States offer as diverse an array of natural beauty as Southcentral Alaska. From grizzly bears to migrating whales, and moose to spawning salmon, from icy peaks to calving glaciers, and ocean bays to rain forests, there is something to satiate every nature-lover. The wonders of Southcentral are traversable or viewable by car. Unlike other regions in Alaska, roads connect most towns, villages, and cities here.

Most visitors to the Kenai Peninsula and Southcentral tend to begin and end their journey in Anchorage, the region's transportation hub. During summer, planes, trains, buses, and automobiles depart from here on a daily basis. RV rentals are also popular in Anchorage, and recreational vehicles can be seen in droves on the Seward Highway along Cook Inlet. Most highways have two lanes and are paved, but summertime traffic can be frustrating. Be wary of impatient drivers trying to get around slow-moving RVs. Stay aware of wildlife as well. Every year motorists kill hundreds of moose, and in turn there are many driver fatalities.


Budget Travel

Alaska is a dream travel destination, and the Kenai Peninsula, located south of Anchorage on the southern coast of Alaska, encapsulates much of Alaska's natural wonders. Whale watching, hiking, horseback riding, fishing and wildlife viewing are just some of the adventures that draw travelers to "Alaska's Playground." It's also relatively accessible to visitors by Alaska standards, making it a popular summer travel destination. Many people visit the Kenai Peninsula on a cruise. Others drive along the scenic Seward Highway. No matter how you get to the Kenai, here are three not-to-miss things to do and travel trips to help you soak it all in hassle free. Read More...

Cruise Critic

Alaska is more than double the size of any other state, which is why it's no surprise that you can take a cruise, plus travel for weeks on land -- and still not see the half of it. Maybe you've done an Inside Passage cruise, explored Denali National Park and sailed past Glacier Bay. But if you haven't seen the Kenai Peninsula before or after your cruise -- well, you still haven't experienced the best that Alaska has to offer. Read More... 


There are few places in America that offer such a diverse array of natural beauty as South Central Alaska. From whales to glaciers, there is something to satiate every nature lover's appetite. Unlike those of most of Alaska, the wonders of South Central are traversable or viewable by car. There are roads to a majority of the beloved spots in the region.  Read More...


The Kenai Peninsula [5] is within an easy drive south of Anchorage, surrounded by the Cook Inlet to the west and Prince William Sound to the east. It's known as "Alaska's Playground" and is one of the most visited tourist regions in Alaska, especially popular with nature lovers for its beautiful scenery, and with anglers lured by its excellent salmon and halibut fishing.

Many of the communities of the peninsula were severely affected by the 1964 earthquake. Read More...