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“I’d never seen mountains so big rising so close to salt water; I’d never seen so many peaks so close to a city; I’d never felt so dwarfed by highway scenery. Fifteen miles into the trip, I’d already exhausted my supply of superlatives.”

New York Times Travel Feature – Cruising Alaska, This Time By Land, Davis Laskin


The Kenai is not behind safety glass, or a deck rail. Your face feels the cold wind on the train and your heart pounds with the strike of a monster fish. Your adrenaline rushes at the sight of a bear, and your skin chills as you step on a glacier. Nothing about the Kenai Peninsula is formal or stuffy. In fact, no other destination offers such an up close and personal Alaskan experience. With over 16,000 square miles of extraordinary adventure and excitement to choose from, even the rest of the state comes here when they need a reminder of why they moved to Alaska in the first place. That’s why we are known as Alaska’s Playground.

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