Clam Gulch and Cohoe | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council
Clam Gulch, Alaska Clam Gulch, as the name implies, is famous for the hundreds of thousands of razor clams harvested annually from the sandy beaches. The best times to dig clams is during extremely low tides called “minus tides. Clam diggers should keep one eye on the quickly returning tides as some unwary diggers have become stranded in years past. Razor clams are aptly named for their sharp, fragile shells that can present sharp edges once broken. Consult a tide book for minus tides, and check with the Department of Alaska Fish and Game for updated rules and regulations before you set out on your clam digging adventure.  A state of Alaska recreation area is situated on the bluffs of Clam Gulch overlooking scenic Cook Inlet, offering visitors a panoramic view of the Aleutian Mountain Range and its three tallest peaks – Mount Iliamna, Mount Redoubt and Mount Spur. Wildlife in the area includes moose, bald eagles, gulls and many small birds and mammals.