Five Simple, Seasonal Fall Favorites! | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council

When you live on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground, it is pretty easy to say that simplicity is the greatest form of satisfaction. We have the esteemed privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We can walk out our front door and be fully submerged in the mecca of all-things-outdoorsy. From mountains, to glaciers, to wildlife… the simple beauty that surrounds us is something that we are oh-so incredibly thankful for with every day that passes. So much so that we compiled small but plentiful list of some of our favorite little seasonal traditions. So before the snow fly’s (and sticks for the next 6 months), we highly recommend jumping on these 5 Simple, Seasonal Fall Favorites…

Photo Credit: Alaska From Scratch

1. Wake up early enough to catch the sunrise, while the frost is still lingering and the air is crisp. If you go the extra mile and drive to enjoy a killer view, we are pretty sure that you might experience *magic*… Don’t believe us? Just look below to see a sight so beautiful, you might end up loosing your breath for a brief moment!

Photo Credit: Jeff Nelson

Photo Credit: Jeff Nelson

2. Chase a reflection, without using a mirror! There is no better time of year to make time for a road trip, to nowhere. Grab your family and friends. Maybe a pumpkin spiced latte or a gingerbread donut. And just drive and enjoy the magical landscape around you. Take time to soak in all of the beautiful changing colors of the leaves. Tip: Stunning lakes such as this one in Cooper Landing, AK are known for delivering the pot-o-gold!

Photo Credit: Heidi Ho Hanson

3. Remember #2? Well, this is why. Soon, all of the leaves will fall to the ground and we will be snow-bound until May. So before they all fall off, or rather, get eaten off by those silly moose… get out and enjoy the most colorful time of year on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! The only thing you have to loose is the opportunity for a great photo-op!

Photo Credit: Anthony Vet

4. Termination Dust! Although we love “all things Alaska’s Playground” all-year-round, we are quite partial to the enchanting beauty that is displayed when the mountains are freshly snow-capped and we are still able to enjoy (mostly) all of the fun, active, outdoor activities that we’ve grown accustomed to all summer long. Probably because it feels like we are living in a fairytale. I mean, c’mon… sights like this are simply too beautiful to put into words!

Photo Credit: Ron Niebrugge

5. This short-but-sweet list would not be complete without referencing the glorious Aurora Borealis! We are loosing just over 5 minutes of daylight with every day that passes right now. And although we are moving into the dark and chilly months, we are in a constant euphoria of star-struck magic with the beaming Northern Lights on full display! Tip: Clear days and evenings offer the best chances of seeing the lights. 10pm-2am offers peak auroral activity.

Photo Credit: Carl Johnson

And after you’ve checked all of the above off of your list… sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful views and splendors of The Kenai! A moose-do!

Photo Credit: Kathleen Barth