Fall in love with the colors of the season! | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council
Photo Credit: Alaska From Scratch

If you’re at all like us, you’ve probably been finding yourself driving around The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground lately with your eyes peeled wide open and your jaw dropped to the floor in pure and utter amazement over the colors of the fall that line our river banks and mountain sides.

Photo Credit: Dan Logan at Marathon Creek in Seward, AK

Although we find it easy to fall in love with Alaska any time of the year, there is something about the colors of fall that is almost too special to fully put into words. That’s right… it’s simply BREATHTAKING! We know it’s impossible not to agree. 

Photo taken on the Seward Hwy.

One thing is for sure, nothing beats the view of fresh snow capped mountains with the abundance of fall colors scattering down the mountainside.

Photo Credit: Destinie L. Burleson

And might we add that one of the best ways to soak in all the colors of fall on Alaska’s Playground is via the Alaska Railroad.

Photo Credit: Jay Berkow

If you are a visitor to the Kenai Peninsula, traveling by RV is still an excellent option in September. The roads usually less congested, construction has let up a bit, and the temps are generally still very comfortable. Oh and the views? Yeah, they will leave you speechless.

Photo Credit: State of Alaska/ Michael DeYoung

Catching a reflection of some mirrored mountains is another treat that is enjoyed in a whole new light with the magic of fall all around you.

Photo from the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Facebook page.

Floating the Kenai River is another activity that offers a whole new perspective during fall season. And just like the roadways, the river is generally much less crowded during September and October!

Photo Credit: Jared Cockman

And if you’re an angler, fly-fishing on the Kenai River is an utter paradise during the fall season.

Photo Credit: Drifter’s Lodge

Trophy Trout fishing is known to be some of the world’s greatest on the Kenai River. If you’re going to do it, fall is definitely a great time to get out there!

 Photo Credit: Randa Fishing

If you are going to get outside and wet a line, make sure you get up bright and early so you can catch the vibrant fall colors glistening amongst the crisp morning dew air.

Photo Credit: RMEVET Photography

The wildlife viewing on the Kenai Peninsula continues to be (super cute) and excellent during the fall season as well.

Photo Credit: Jeff Milsteen

So whether you’re catching a reflection, wetting a line, searching for some wildlife to view or simply enjoying a nature drive, be sure to make a point to get out and enjoy the fabulous colors of the fall on Alaska’s Playground while they are here and shining so bright. Remember, before we know it, the snow will be flying and all we will see is white for many months to come! 

Photo Credit: Lidili