A Moose kind of Monday | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council
Photo from The Moose is Loose Facebook page.

Because nothing makes it easier to beat the Monday blues than a collection of adorable moose enjoying The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground. And there is just something about the sight of a huge, 700 pound moose frolicking in the fresh fall snowfall that makes it hard to wipe a smile off your face.

Photo from Alaska from Scratch Facebook page.

Or maybe the sight of a nearly 1000 pound moose on its “tip-toes” is what will keep a smile on your face all day long. These animals are pretty remarkable!

Photo shared from our Facebook page.

And of course, there is just something about a moose and a sweet little baby playing peek-a-boo through the window that can melt anyone’s heart in an instant. 

Photo from Jeremy Lee Sarnowski Sr.

And a moose trying his best to wear snow-camouflage and blend in to backdrop is pretty darn adorable indeed. There is no hiding an animal that size!

Photo from activerain.com.

Or how about this bull moose who unexpectedly gets a snout full as he reaches for graze along the Kenai River. Nature at it’s finest!

Photo from the Peninsula Clarion.

And there is just something oh-so-adorable about a mama moose and baby moose munching on leftover Halloween pumpkins. Better eat them all before Thanksgiving this Thursday!

Photo shared from KTUU.com.

One thing is for sure, only in Alaska will you mutter the words “today I saw a moose on a roof!” 

Photo from Anchorage Daily News.

But maybe the real riddle on everyone’s mind this Monday is, why did the moose cross the road? All we know is that he looks awfully stoic and wildly handsome.

Photo from christophermartinphotography.com.

Braving the heavy snowfall in Alaska can be difficult, but this bull and cow moose make weathering the storm look like a breeze.

And this sweet young moose just makes weathering the storm look like an absolute blast. Did someone say snow day? Yes, please!

Photo from fineartamerica.com.

And because Monday’s are sometimes (most of the time) harder than most, a nap is usually the best way to go. Take it from this beautiful gal below. She looks awfully comfy. 

Photo from the http://www.inquisitr.com.

One thing is for sure, moose certainly have a special way of bringing so much life and beauty to the dark, snowy fall and winter months.

Photo from susanstevenson.com.

And last but certainly not least, we are pretty sure that no one can disagree that a moose underneath the Aurora Borealis is one of the most magical sights that can be seen. Incredible!

Photo from Mark Newman via Alaska – Land of the Last Frontier Facebook page.

Hopefully these fun photos brought a smile to your face on this chilly, crisp Monday morning. Have a wonderful day, friends!

Photo from potd.pdnonline.com.