Five Things Friday | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council
Photo Credit: Chuck Ashley‎

Because we believe that every Friday should be celebrated (or every single day for that matter), we collected five fun photos to make you smile today and through the weekend.

Photo from Alaska Outdoors Television Facebook Page

No matter what is going on in your life or how stressful your week was, there are always a lot of reasons to celebrate life and to be grateful for the things around you.

Photo Credit: Phil Pringle

Living on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground we certainly do not have a shortage of beautiful things to experience, amazing wildlife to view in their natural environment or great people offering warm hospitality to keep us feeling incredibly appreciative.

Photo Credit: Frank Keller‎

#1: Amazing sunrises. Living on Alaska’s Playground makes it easy for us to get up early and soak life in. This, dear friends, is hard to resist. 

Photo Credit: Cole Chase Photography

#1(.5): Amazing sunsets. A plane, a mountain and the perfect blend of soft and vibrant colors. Alaska… take me away!

Photo Credit: Sue Heazlett captures Mt. Redoubt at sunset perfectly from Nikiski, AK‎

#2: Incredible wildlife right out our backdoor (literally). Apparently this active moose thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence… 

Photo Credit: Phil Pringle

#3: Incredible wildlife wandering all throughout the town. Not to mention the beautiful fall colors. Now c’mon, this is is pretty epic. This stoic caribou was passing by Kenai River Brewing Company in Soldotna, AK. Apparently a little too early in the morning to grab a brew. 

Photo Credit: Kenai River Brewing Company

#4: Your everyday hike, elevated. Experiencing a beautiful waterfall just outside of Anchor Point, AK is so much MORE with the crisp fall air and the lasting colors of the season in the background. Need an excuse to get outside this weekend? Here you go.

Photo Credit: Carrie Kegler‎

#5: Seeing proof that you can weather the storm and that if you make it through the rain, there will be rainbows and sunnier skies. A great metaphor for life, especially on a Friday! The picture below captures this perfectly. It is also very representative of fall in Alaska. It can be raining and stormy and then sun-shining with beautiful skies all within a few hours. Tip: always wear layers.

Photo Credit: Jim Deuter taken on Skilak Lake Road‎

And because we are pretty much obsessed with the crystal clear blue water, fall colors and snow on the mountains… we leave you with this stunning photo below. If that doesn’t inspire you to get outside and explore, we don’t know what will.  Have a great weekend, friends!

Photo Credit: Dwayne Parton