These 5 Videos Of Baby Moose In Alaska Will Make Your Heart Explode | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council

Seeing wildlife (from a distance) in the wild is one of the most remarkable things to witness in life. The innocence of seeing these adorable babies has the ability to soften the hearts of even the toughest humans out there. After watching these five videos of baby moose in Alaska, don’t be surprised if your eyes become welled up with water, your jaw is continuously dropped from the cuteness factor and your mouth utters the words “awww” and “oh my gosh how cuteeee” over and over again. Enjoy! 

Flickr – debbie_sonberg

These precious baby moose playing in a yard sprinkler in a residential neighborhood in Alaska is proof that our hearts can explode several times in one single minute. OH MY GOSH! 

You might have remembered the baby moose that was born recently in the Lowe’s parking lot in Alaska. Talk about an “Only in Alaska” moment. So special.

This baby moose wobbling around and learning how to walk in Homer on the Kenai Peninsula is way too cute for words. So lovable, huggable and kissable!

From just over a month ago in Alaska is this fantastic video (with great music) of a baby moose playing in someone’s yard as mama watches on. It’s happy, innocent and filled with so much joy.

And last but not least there is this truly miraculous video of a mama moose lying down on a yard in Alaska and giving birth to twins. It shows the actual birth (which is slightly graphic to some) but it’s one of the most beautiful displays of nature that you will probably ever witness. Watch as the newborn moose stumble and wobble to get up and use their legs for the first time ever.

That’s all for now!  Do you have any video footage of wildlife on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground that you’ve taken? If so, be sure to share it with us in the comments below because we would LOVE to see it!