You Might Be Surprised To Learn That The Kenai Is A Surfing Destination | Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council

This footage of Homer based surfer and photographer, Scott Dickerson will make you completely fall in love with surfing on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground. His perspective on appreciating the simplicity of life and his tenacity to brave the cold Alaskan waters is incredibly admirable. As he talks about one of the most glorious parts of surfing in Alaska being that there aren’t the crazy crowds on the water (like what you might experience in places like Hawaii), we can’t help but to relate.

We love Alaska’s Playground for many, many undeniable reasons but probably more so that anything, the ability to find our own private pieces of paradise – sans the crowds – is what really makes our hearts skip a beat. There is nothing like the feeling of getting up close and personal with nature while experience the sounds of, well – nothing. The hustle and bustle of the city is just not for us. We are outdoor lovers with a passion for all things natural and pristine. And if we can experience Alaska’s many mountains, glaciers and wildlife while doing fun water sports such as surfing, why the heck wouldn’t we? Life is too short to be bored and as the saying goes… you can get busy living or you can get busy dying. And on that note, it’s time for us to go home and go play!

Would you ever try surfing on Alaska’s Playground? The folks at Surf Alaska in Homer are experts at documenting the true beauty of this sport. Be sure to check them out!