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BruceSkis Turkish Cuisine is bringing a myriad of dishes popular throughout Turkey straight to the heart of Alaska, so hit up this trailer the next time hunger calls to diversify your taste buds.

The menu sports no shortage of easily portable street eats, ranging from wraps to salads. Try an adana kebab, for example, sporting chunks of ground beef and lamb seasoned with Aleppo chili peppers to add a flavor that balances savory and spicy. Try some Turkish-style hummus, garnished with cucumber and onion and served with fried pita bread. Enticed? Then we have some news that may please you – BruceSkis Turkish Cuisine caters, so don’t hesitate to book ‘em for your next event.

Sis Tavuk — Chicken marinated in a bold blend of garlic and lemon yogurt wrapped in pita bread and slathered in tahini sauce

Saturday, May 15, 2021 - 4:00pm