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Snapshots at Statehood: A focus on the communities that became the Kenai Peninsula Borough

This book was a result of several volunteers in a subcommittee in the AK50 on the Kenai Committee led by the Kenai Peninsula Historical Association. AK 50 on the Kenai was organized by the Kenai Peninsula Borough to plan the Kenai Peninsula Borough-wide celebration(s) of the 50th anniversary of Alaska's statehood. Countless contributors from all over the Kenai Peninsula worked on this project and the book is loaded with homesteaders' stories, photos-past and present-and historical data. Printing of this book was made possible by contributions from BP, Icicle Seafoods and the Kenai Peninsula Borough through the AK50 on the Kenai Committee.

"This fascinating book deeply touches on the lives and history of the individuals who have been a part in making Alaska what it was and has become since statehood. These articles are a "who is and who was" on the Kenai Peninsula at that historic occasion. It touches on the lives and the formation of the several villages or areas, of the people who lived there and started the villages. Each has a separate but related history. Each has had an extraordinary frontier spirit that has made this area and this Alaska what it was and is. These stories tell the history of not only the villages but of the people who made history in the forming of each community. It's a valuable record for the understanding of ourselves: what we were and what we are. I recommend it highly."
-Stan Thompson, former U.S. Commissioner under Alaska territorial law

"The Kenai Peninsula Historical Association has provided an important edition to the history of the Kenai Peninsula with the production of this book on Alaska statehood. Rich in our Native, Russian and American experiences here on the Kenai, statehood was an important landmark experience. The contributions of the local writers who were here in 1959 remind us of the essential Alaskan event."
-James Hornady, Mayor of Homer